summer internship 2020 :

2 min readAug 4, 2020


smart bridge company


machine learning is one of the major emergings technologies we have today is like electricity which will revolutionalize all the devices, penetrate through every technology we have today.we have learned major preprocess techniques learned, and learned about Watson auto ai, which enables us to develop a machine learning model at a fast pace , finally deploying that model to flask application.

about smartinterz from smart-bridge:

SMART BRIDGE is an edTech business with a goal of bridging the gap between academia and industry. Our result-based active learning programs on technological advances (Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Data Science, machine learning, Robotics) develop professional entry-level developers, for the corporate world.

SmartBridge is in the mission of building academic technology networks to promote creativity & entrepreneurship among students. We’ve educated hundreds of students, teachers, and working professionals on new technology since its inception.

internship program:

1)this is a one-month internship, for the first we learned about NumPy and pandas and after that, we have with sci-kit learn library both for preprocessing training the model, we have also worked with a brief introduction of the flask.

2)last month we have worked with Watson auto ai instead of traditional machine learning model, we deploy the model with the help of the flask

3)I have worked with the project on predicting the Energy Output of Wind Turbine Based on Weather Conditions.


Bennett university a times group initiative

I would like to thank Bennett University for connecting me to the smart-bridge internship, I learned a lot in this internship, and prerequisites for this internship mostly I learned in university and also thanks to being in part of a smart-bridge community.